Ok, I know this is a very cliche song to request a tab for, but there is another acoustic version that I want to learn.

Search on YouTube for Jason Mraz I'm Yours Acoustic and it will be the very first result.

It's tough to decipher the chords by watching it since they have the camera on his face most of the time, but I can't tell what the chords are by listening, either. I've figured out the basic chords(e.g. the main verse, chorus, etc), but I can't seem to figure out the bridge or what ever you want to call it. Here's what I have so far.

capo 1

E |--------------------------------------2--------------
B |--------------------------------------3--------------
G |-----------------1--------------------2--------------
D |-----7----------2---------4-------------------------
A |-----7----------2---------2--------------------------
E |-----5---------------------2--------------------------

I really want to figure this version out. It's the only one that I can play well(so far, anyway) and the only one that I can sing well to. Thanks!
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Verse and Chorus: Bb,F,Gm,Eb

From 1.10-1.20 in the middleplay Eb chord, he does Ebsus2 -Eb-Ebsus4-Eb

At 1.49 I think the only change he does is he goes to an Edim chord

From 2.20 he goes back and forward the Eb chord and Edim chord.

At the end it sounds like he's ending with a Bb7.

I hope it's just about correct.