Hey guys, I picked up an Ibanez RGA72TQMZ last week, I broke a string but it wasn't a problem as they needed changing anyway, so I changed the string that was missing first just to keep the tension, but then I gave the guitar to my dad and like an idiot (he don't play guitar) he leant it agains't a wall, and guess what; it fell over .But anyway now suddenly the strings action is really low, touching frets and even a the bridge pick up (but I moved the pick up down now), so I guess I will have to change the action. But the springs on the back of the guitar have been moved, because (I think it's called) the holding block has shifted to the right, can anyone tell me how to move it back to the middle without messing anything else up?

Also has anyone changed the action on an Ibanez before? I heard you have to take the bridge out while adjusting which would be a pain.

Thanks in advance - p.s I can't really take it to a technician, spent all my savings on the guitar.
I'm guessing from what you've said that it fell flat on its face and it's dislodged the bridge from the posts, pushing it down into the guitar. Pictures would help a lot, of course.

I would recommend unclamping the strings at the nut and loosening the tension somewhat before having a bit of a jiggle with the bridge to see what's wrong. You should find that there are grooves in the trem posts that the edge of the bridge should sit against, held there by the tension of the strings and springs.

Hopefully you'll just be able to re-seat the bridge and everything will be fine. Worst case, I guess, is that the fall has pushed the posts further into the body in which case the threads may be stripped (bad) or you may be able to unscrew the posts to raise them back to where they should be.

To answer your question; you don't have to take the bridge out to adjust the action, but you should ideally try to remove the tension while adjusting the posts so that they don't grind against the knife edges while you wind them in or out.
Thanks a lot. I followed your first few steps and played around with the bridge and I now have a much better understanding of how everything works. Anyway I figured out that it's actually the whole bridge that is slightly slanted, that's why the top string can ring but the others's can't at all and they get stiffer as you go down, so the action is different on both sides, I will try sort it out now, thanks for the help