Hey guys,

I'm trying to get a distorted tone with a sort of rather clear, tight and strong biting attack when my pick hit the strings while playing at high gain level, if that makes any sense. Is there a pedal or some sort of setting that'd help get this kinda tone?

My amp is a Mesa Boogie single rectifier.

Thanks for your help guys
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Is this the sort of situation that might call for a tubescreamer to tighten up the attack? Basically setting it as a clean boost might keep it clear and tight (given the fact that you alread have plenty of gain on tap)

or perhaps just an EQ?
Maybe use less gain. You may not need as much gain as you think. Too much gain can make the sound noisy and unclear. Also try different EQ settings.
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Since you have a good amp, the place to look to now is your pickups. What pickups are you using?

And yes, what are your settings on the amp?
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What sort of settings are you using on the amp? Use of the gain control, treble control, and presence control will be key - also, is your amp a Solo 50 Series 1 or Series 2? Thanks!
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You can also get envelope followers that can alter the sound of the attack such as the EHX Knockout.