D1 it is, what is it? and what would I need to replace it

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Looks like D1 is a rectifier diode (probably one of the IN400x family) and it has failed because C23, the electrolytic cap, has vented (you can see the bulge at the top) and probably has an internal short. In fact as I look closer, all the electroytic caps look suspect. That board needs work.
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The other caps in the pic look okay to me from this angle but I agree about C23 and obviously D1.

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D1 is an IN4001 diode.
C23 is a 100uf electrolytic cap, 16v.
You also might want to check and reflow solder to all of the other parts on the board, it could've been caused by that.
Did you use an incorrect power supply? Isn't D1 a protection diode that's only there to prevent damage from using the wrong polarity of power supply?