I can remember myself collecting rocks randomly as a kid.

And not even good rocks.

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I still do. my mum brought back a few from our holiday too.
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I once got into an accident involving some Mexican guys, and to pass the time during my recovery i took part in online mineral auctions.

But seriously, i used to pick up nice rocks, things that looked pretty, or good for skimming across water, even though i wasn't very good at skimming stones.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
i used to do that.
i would pick up some pretty rad rocks while strolling across the beach.
it got to the point where my backpack was chock-full of rocks, and kids at school would call me rockman.
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Picking up rocks as a child has a high, positive statistical correlation with becoming a serial killer.
Only minerals and gems.
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I collected leaves as a kid

But yeah, when I go up to Erie each year (just got back) I normally come back with some. It's kind of a rocky beach and there's some awesome ones to be found.
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Damn everyone's done the Breaking Bad jokes.....

Use to collect rocks, starfish and all sorts of stuff I found the beach when I was younger. Found a Pipefish once.
Yeah look what's still in my drawer:

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I'd been going for a month or so.

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I collected cool looking things as a kid , some of which included rocks. I have a bunch of owl feathers, pinecones, leaves etc in a box which I'm too scared to open because I haven't touched it for 13 years and it's probably all rotting away
If they were interesting looking enough. Always ended up throwing them in the garden later as I had no where to put them.

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there was a time when my family was househunting to move to a better school district for me. i collected several of the smoothest rocks from various front yards and such that way. one time i even drew shit on one and gave it to my dad as a father's day gift.
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You ever pick up rocks and just keep them?

Yes, next question please.
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not so much, no. there were rocks everywhere of all shapes and sizes, i played with them a lot i'm sure but i didn't bring them inside the house and keep them. they were everybody's rocks, not mine

theres no logical reason for that, you guys are silly
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I did that at the beach once in the water, and one of the rocks just so happened to be a crab.
Went camping at Lake Huron with some friends and came home with this. That is an empty bottle of Gentleman's Jack Whiskey.

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