we used to frequent the pond
and be kids, not grown-ups.
we used to climb to the top of the slide
and not worry about coming back down.
we could hold hands with the devil
and gain no second glances,
no pariahs admonishing
our life-choices
because we simply hadn't made any.

when we grew up
we began to drift,
sail in different currents
and visit foreign ports.
we discovered alcohol
and cigarettes and
group sex
and we lost touch,
not just with the world
but with ourselves.
we became the grown-ups
we swore we'd never become
and nothing but regret
fills the gaps between
the lines of uninteresting
conversations and the utterances
of the fuckerati.

when we looked up at night
we saw dreams and
hopes and wonder.
now we see dots
of vague light
very slowly dying
and we see ourselves up there,
surrounded by darkness
unable to see the
light we cast.

what the fuck happened
when we were adolescent?
what immutable fear
did we succumb to
to lose everything we had
and bow to the supreme
weight of everyday life?
we were eager, keen,
excitable and willing to learn,
then one day – nothing -
vanished on the advent of adulthood
and we find ourselves
helplessly lost
in a world of orders
and mynah birds
and unseen books
where our lives
are dictated to us
by another generation
who think they know best.

nothing is stopping us
from being kids again
other than others'
misconceptions passed
down to us.
stand in the face
of the breeze and
for once in your adult
life just say no.
return to the pond
and just be happy again.