I purchased my Saturns about 2 years ago and its been a great kit! It still sounds great but I've really been wanting to trade them in for something else. I really want a DW but I just cant decide! I love the look and sound of them! I guess what im getting at is, should I trade them or wait? It would be nice to have some input on this decision from someone with a lot more experience/knowledge than myself. I'm not looking for a lateral trade, I wanna trade up! I bought my kit as a 6 piece but i traded the snare in for a pork pie little squealer. I would also be willing to downsize to a 4 piece(2 racks, 1 floor, 1 kick). Any input is much appreciated!! thanks for reading!
It all depends on the sound you are chasing...

I would say get what you need if you are really serious about playing. I've gone through several kits over the last 20+years and ended up sticking with a vintage Gretsch Round Badge Kit from 1962 that just hits the spot for me. If you are looking at new drums what is your price range?

DW is actually modelling drums after those in their DW Jazz line... You should check those out and the classics as well
Cant go wrong with the new gretsch usa customs either

Other kits i've played were great too..

legacy, classic maple, a few vintage...

What type of music is this for?
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The band im playing with is kind of post-metal, similar to ISIS. Im wanting more of a primal/tribal sound
if that makes any sense. I put Evans hydraulic heads on them but its still not what what im looking for.
Ok... Big sound then. DW collector for a more modern sound and ludwig for a more classic rock punch....totally different sounds there..don't rule out other brands too.. Try before you buy if possible. Tama makes some
Stuff that has modern sound as well... Try out the Gretsch sets too. Usa customs are rarely sitting in shops.. But renowns are usually there. I've had a dw collectors set that seemed to have a lower pitched juicy sound .. I even put 1 ply heads on and it still was warm and toneful. Then a ludwig classic maple(fairly loud set) and legacy next... Which seemed a little more articulate on the sticks... Then my current set - vintage gretsch.. Which I wouldnt use for metal. I have heard the ludwig keystone series sounds great for rock and a bit cheaper then their top of the line stuff. I'm not sure what the gretsch usa sounds like lower pitched. probably good. If you look around you can get dw sets used for waaaaay cheaper than the new cost....

By the way.. I paid $1000 for the dw collectors set mentioned above which was something like $6000 for a new one. And it looked brand new......
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