Hello everyone, I'm hunting for a 6 string bass for my fiance and have limited bass knowledge, just looking for some personal insight and experiences with 6 string basses.

I myself am partial to Mayones guitars in general..

Thanks for the help guys =)
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I used to play 6 strings a lot. They're good fun. The possibilities for extended chord voicings and melodic lines on the high C are very useful. Would I also be happy with a 5 string tuned EADGC? Possibly.

I think you need to be a little more specific with your question.
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Well; if you've got the cash to fork over for a Mayones sixgun, you won't be disappointed. Those basses are works of art and I would love to have one myself.

The difference between a six-string bass and a four-string is a great deal more than the difference between a seven-string guitar and a six-string guitar. The fretboard on a six-string bass is usually very wide. Ibanez sixguns tend to have a narrower string spacing, as opposed to such basses as the Ernie Ball/Music Man Bongo 6, which uses a wide string spacing (at least until they get around to offering a John Myung Signature version). You need to ascertain whether the standard wide Fender spacing is too much for you on a six-string bass.

Some six-string basses have fat necks. The neck on my Carvin Icon-6 Custom is thicker than the necks of some of my other six-string basses, with the thinnest being the one on my Tune TWB-6. Peavey makes some six-string basses with thin necks that play and sound great. You are also somewhat limited in pickup choice. Fender made a six-string Jazz bass called the Steve Bailey Signature model, so they did make a six-string Jazz pickup. I don't know if you can buy it separately. Most sixguns have some sort of soapbar pickup, and the Bongo 6 has s six-string Music Man Stingray Humbucking pickup and a single coil, or two MM humbuckers. If you won't play a bass without a Fender P-Style pickup, you're probably out of luck.

Most sixguns are heavy, so if you plan to play four-hour gigs with it, you might want to see if the weight of the bass you choose is going to be an issue. Sets of six-string bass strings aren't cheap, and some of them are painfully expensive. If you are addicted to one single brand and model of bass string, then you might want to check to see if that company makes a six-string set of your favorite strings.

Beyond that, sixguns are a blast, and they can inspire you to try things that you would never have thought of trying on a four-string bass.

Oh, and chicks really dig six-string basses!
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I have two and those are the only ones I have extensive knowledge and exp on.

Ibanez SR-406. Natural wood color, very pretty. Versatile sound and thin neck. Though the neck is unfinished and prone to scratches & knicks. Though rather cheap for the sound.

Hohner B-Bass VIQ. Sexy finish, heavy lacquer, heavy bass. But has an unrivaled sound in my exp. Active/passive switch, though it eats through batteries but still sounds amazing on passive. Much thicker neck though, but lacquered so a little more comfortable/easier to clean
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What kind of price range are you looking at? Where are you in the world?

I like the Ibanez SR 6 strings, since they don't have a ridiculously huge neck like some sixers. Warwick six strings are huge, but wonderful instruments
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I like the Ibanez SR 6 strings, since they don't have a ridiculously huge neck like some sixers. Warwick six strings are huge, but wonderful instruments

As fine as Warwick basses are in every respect, I'm afraid that the Steve Bailey sixgun is hideous. I don't doubt that it plays and sounds as good as any Warwick, But it just looks...well; it looks downright un-Warwick! Now, take a look at the Tune TWB-6! Mine has a fretboard as wide as a surf board, but it has the thinnes, slimmest, fastest neck I've ever encountered on a sixgun. If only it had an ebony fretboard, it might actually be the world's first perfect bass!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley