No idea about the quality of the studios, but they are a legit company. I work for a major publisher on Music Row, and our writers record their demos there regularly. In fact, some very very big writers have been through there. I can't really share specifics (confidentiality etc) but this is a place frequented by professionals.

Sorry I don't have any more insight into the studios, but I'd say you can rest easy that she got a good internship at a legitimate business where she will learn a lot. There are a lot of terrible internships out there, and I do not think that this is one of them.

Hope that helped!
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I'm sure this is a pretty famous studio. Stone Sour recorded Audio Secrecy there and they're hardly a small band, and Alter Bridge recorded Blackbird there.

If bands of this caliber are using the studio, I wouldn't be worried about it's credibility.
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Yes, I intern there as well. Been there for about two weeks. Probably the biggest studio in Nashville, amazing amounts of gear and quality recordings. Great place. If you want to know anything, let me know!