Hey guys, I posted some time ago a couple of songs I recorded with my guitar, but since my microphone has been taken from me, I decided it would be a better idea to post them in GP5 format. Some of them aren't complete, but here they are, hope you like them!

Edit: recorded versions of Inception and Arid Rain.
Edit 2: finished Track 8.

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Inception is far from perfection but I liked the idea. The drum was not very interesting in the intro, the splash cymbal being way off.

I find some of your riffs and melodies interesting on Arid Rain but you repeat your parts a lot for the first half of the song. The lick thing at bar 93 is cool, but then again you choose to repeat it, I would've not do it that way, it's not impressive anymore the second time your hear it, no more surprise. The second half is boring and repetitive.

The solo on your third song is my kind, it made me wanted to listen to some All that Remains, wich is good.

Overall I don't like your intros, pretty much all starting slowly and repeating the riffs over and over again until the drum kicks in... very cliché. I think your songs fits for a metal band with a decent singer but instrumentally I would not want to cover your songs.

I love track 7 though. You work well but maybe it's just not for me.
I agree about the splash cymbal on Inception, I will most likely take it out.

Yeah, Arid Rain can get pretty repetitive as an instrumental, but it's meant to have lyrics on it so it doesn't get so boring. And I know what you mean about the lick at bar 93, but I actually changed it on the final version, just forgot to transcribe it to Guitar Pro, sorry lol.

That's cool to hear, glad you liked the solo and Track 7. And yeah, I agree about using the same pattern for intros over and over, but that's how they come out naturally. I'll start working on that anyway.

Thank you for the feedback
The intro from Arid Rain has to go, or be rewritten. It just tries way too hard to be "exotic" and "Arabic", but doesn't actually add anything. Phrygian dominant melodies like that can be catchy without being too cheesy. For example:
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Mass Rapture (especially at 2:41)
Keith Merrow - Spice Dealer (backgrounds at 3:51)
Amorphis - Shades Of Gray (intro)
The rest of the song is pretty bland, too. There's nothing that makes it stand out from all the other post-Gothenburg bands out there; no real hook (other than that intro).
I get that Inception is supposed to be an intro piece, like walk-on music, or an album intro, but a good intro piece has a more memorable melody than that. A simple six-note run up and down the harmonic minor scale doesn't really "set a mood" or grab your attention. The structure is good, though. It builds from acoustics to a full band smoothly, the way it's supposed to.
I'll get to the others eventually.
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You're right, it might've come out too cliché, and I've been thinking seriously about rewriting the song, but I don't have any ideas as of now.

I actually made a quick recording of Inception, so this is more or less the sound I'm going for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKXFkkrIT9s

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
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I will say Track 5 has some good stuff going on, though. Even though the intro is just dissonance for the sake of dissonance, and doesn't really stick, some of the later riffs are good. Verse part 1 is basic, but passable, and verse part 2 grooves hard. With some changes to the drumming, the chorus could be great, too, and the outro is really nice. Just, really, that intro feels flat, like a bad parody of death metal. It's what someone who just started guitar would do if you told them to write a death metal riff.
So you don't dig the intro, right? I'll think of something to replace it. And thanks for the kind words (to be honest, the outro to that song is one of the few things from my compositions that I like). And thanks for checking out so many songs, I guess you are tired already! :P
I agree with Cavalcade on the song Arid Rain ! This scale can be used in an epic way and i think you can do something better with it.
(and i would add Pledge of Allegiance by After Forever to the songs with catchy riffs using this scale :P )

Song 7 is indeed quite epic, more "power metal" than the other ones, even if your style is still "listenable" in it. Maybe try to longer it
Song 8 .. I honestly think you could make A LOT BETTER than this ! An epic work ! Because at the moment, your riffs are coming out the ones after the others, without any good transition and with a different tempo, I think you should spend some time on it, feeling the mood of the intro, and write something different (i honestly have a load of ideas coming out from it :P ). Your riffs can stay there but you should improve your transitions, and find a way to make everything at the same tempo (or at least don't make 15000 tempo change - as in many of your songs )

The other songs were quite ok, i can't really comment every song ... I really enjoyed Inception anyway, very moody, it could be a great intro to something louder !
And very nice recording by the way
Yeah, I'll definitely think of something better for the intro for Arid Rain.

I'm glad you liked Song 7, as you can see, I still need to finish it haha

Actually, all of my friends agree with you about the transitions, I just force them too much when putting together two riffs, I'll work on it for sure man!

Glad you liked Inception too, thanks for commenting!