Hello! I am trying to get back into electric guitar. I had started in high school but never really learned much because I was learning classical guitar at the time. I'm in the market for a new amp. My upper limit is $100 but I'd really like to stay around $80. I've been looking around and the Vox Pathfinder 10 so far has my vote. It's cheap and has gotten great reviews. But I've also heard you can't go wrong with a Micro Cube. Only problem is those are more expensive.

Would the difference in price be justified by a noticeable increase in sound quality? Really all I want is an amp with a solid clean sound and a decent distortion. I'm not too crazy about effects/modeling. I'd be playing Incubus, RHCP and classic rock mainly. My guitar is a purple satin finish Mexican Strat if that makes a difference.

Thank you!

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with that budget you won't get close to RHCP or classic rock really

just sayin

if this is important to you then you need an amp budget of around $300

see post #2 in the rules and resources thread


otherwise, i say buy as much peavey vypyr as you can ( 30 or 60) and the cube 20/80 is decent i think as well as the pathfinder/vox vt series as far as what you are looking for.....and the fener superchamp

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If $80 really is your budget in the short to medium term, then the Pathfinder would be an OK starting point - not necessarily the sound you're after, but for the money it's a good amp.

Then you really want to start saving and follow the rest of 311ZOSOVHJH's advice. If you can stretch your budget now, follow the rest of the advice now.
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