I am a righty playing on a lefty Strat. The volume knob will be the closest up to the right arm pit area. The 2 tone control pots will be UNDER the pick guard. It will be a clear pick guard and I will have two holes for the pots underneath the pick guard. A key will be used to go into the holes to adjust the tone controls if needed. So... I was thinking about using velcro tabs, but I don't know if pots get hot and will melt the velcro or whatever. If they don't get hot, I think it will work, but I don't know much about pots. would this be safe?
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As long as you stick the velcro on after you have wired up the pots, then there aren't really any issues. The amount of current (that is what produces the heat in electrical circuits) is absolutely tiny for a guitar pickup.

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