Hello folks,

I am really hoping somebody here can help me. I want to play Dream in the Dark by A Fine Frenzy, but I am having trouble with hearing the chords. I actually play ukulele so if somebody could help with at least the chords, I would very much appreciate it, and if you had the time/inclination to figure out the tabbing for all the intricate parts, I would send you brownie points all across the internet, although I can mess around with chords once I know a ballpark of what to mess around with. Please, please don't just pass this thread by, I've been trying for weeks to figure the song out, asked around, and no luck so far. If only she'd put out sheet music books for the rest of her albums like she did the first!
Here are a couple videos- one studio and one live- and the lyrics posted below them, for reference.

Studio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x18AhMCPHdU

Live version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4n58i4T9Tw

Bye, bye darlin’
It’s time to go
Got lost in your magic
Oh I
Longed for you so

Spent my life waiting
For a sight of the sea
Been sitting beside it
And you’re
All that I’ve seen

It’s hard to grasp
It all will pass
If you wanted my love well
You would have asked

Bye, bye darlin’
Whole of my heart
In dreams you follow
But I dream in the dark