Hey guys.

I'm getting into making my own music and i really want to make some songs or riffs in the style of Beggars And Hangers On by Slash's Snakepit, i want it to sound similar to that song, kind of country meets rock and roll.

Here's the song if you haven't heard it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkocqBw7m2g

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Solution = Learn a lot of these songs, so that you get very familiar with the style. Learning them by ear is the best way to go aswell, cause you want to be able to recreate different sounds you like easier.

But yeah, whenever you want to sound more like something or learn how to sound like a certain type of music. Really getting in and learning it using your ears, and learning a lot of it (preferably by different artists that you like) will do the trick. If you want to sound like country rock, learn country rock. If you wanted to get a jazz sound i would advice you to learn a lot of jazz by ear.

I also think it's important that when you have learnt something by ear that you like, take "Beggars and hangers" as an example, is to analyze it from a theoretical point of view. WHAT is it that i think sounds good, HOW do i recreate that sound etc.
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