woo technical deathcore
It's the attention to detail that makes this good. Those half-bends in the outro, and the lead over it, give it some Ion Dissonance-like texture. That d-beat part out of nowhere at 91 is something a band like Rings Of Saturn would never have the balls to do. (Speaking of which, this feels more organic than some actual tech-death bands even though it's only a GP file.) And the 7/4 ostinato at the beginning gives the impression of a tight band, even though, again, this is just a tab. Bonus points for not blasting all the way through; I think that actually makes this thing even more evil.
The main problem is that there's not much that I can remember (other than that intro). After it's over, it's just a blur of low, evil notes. It's kind of hard to write memorable techdeath parts, though. I'd recommend listening to more Cephalic Carnage, but that's about it; I don't really do techdeath.
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