I'm new to the forum but wanted to let you know about my style of playing. I am a longtime steel guitarist and created a pedal steel with a raised fretboard with a compensated bridge so I can fret with my fingers. The unique thing that I am doing is tapping the pedal steel and using pedals and knee levers to bend the strings both up and down. I usually bend the strings a half or whole step, but have gone as far as bending up a major third. The cool thing is that the pedals and knee levers are tuned precisely, so I can tap and bend strings really fast.
Guitar designer/builder Ned Steinberger designed the modification on a Sierra Pedal Steel.
Some of the players on it are the Wooten Brothers, Robert Randolph, Buddy Emmons, Ian Wallace and lots more.
I recently finished my record and was co-produced by Stephen Barncard (Crosby-Nash, Grateful Dead, etc.) and has the Wooten Brothers, Buddy Emmons, Robert Randolph and more helping me out with some great playing.
If you want to have a listen, you can go here: [forbidden link].
I hope you enjoy!