Hey guys! I am selling my EMG 89 - 81TW set with all the wires and pots.

What you get in detail:
EMG 89 and 81TW
2 coil-tap volume pots and 1 tone pot
wires that connect to the pickup (solderless to the pickup but you have to solder to the pots)

The only thing you would need to get these in your guitar and working is the jack and wires to the jack and these are active pickups so you would need a battery (and a battery case if you wish/need). I am the original owner of them and I didn't use them much.

Their story: I bought a Schecter Hellraiser FR a few years ago and I decided to replace the pickups with Seymour Duncan Invaders. I didn't use these for to long, few months at most. They work great and sense they don't have many hours they are basically new. I kept them thinking I would use them for another guitar but I need money so I'm giving them up.

I can ship but the cost of shipping has to be payed by the buyer, if you live locally I can meet you to avoid shipping cost. I live in North Alabama, USA.

I am asking $150 for the set. You can check on Musicians Friend, there is a used EMG 89 for $103.53 and sense I am selling two pickups with their pots and wires I think $150 is a good deal. If you are interested or have a question you can post on this thread or message me here. If you have a question feel free to ask. I have attached some pictures for you.