Any fans out there? I have listened to this stuff for ages and finally went to one of their shows. Is J's style fairly unique? I have tried to find similiar arts with this style and have had no luck. It's like melodic shred style classic rock.
His guitar playing has very few peers, so unique, it's almost as inventive as sonic youth's stuff and a hell of a lot more melodic. Some bands cut from the same cloth are Mud Honey and Built to Spill. Fairly unique band though. Also the bass player Lou Barlow fronted a band called Sebadoh, not a very similar sound but I would give the a listen anyways.
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I saw SY a few years ago and their songs are either hit or miss but they experiment a lot, so to be expected. They had to bring like 10 guitars for all the tunings they use. Dinosaur jr seems to meld a lot of cool genres together. J is one hell of a player.
Very interesting band. What I like about learning there tracks is that it forces you approach the guitar from a different perspective (well for me anyway being a more blues player). Always good to get the creative juices flowing!
He takes a more horizontal, melodic approach to his solos. Unison bends, slides, double stops, pedal point, and such. He has really creative use of the whammy too... Most people dismiss the whammy, a shame, bc it's another tool that can be creativity explored. He usually stays diatonic to the major/minor scale. Is he following the chord tones of the progression to create such long solos? This is all amateurish rambling probably, wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

"neil young + sonic youth = dinosaur jr"
hey that's real cool
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I can't decide if I like Bug, You're Living All Over Me, or Farm best.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
Saw Dinosaur JR for the first time this year in Leeds. I was always torn with the Lou V. J thing (Lou left years ago and formed Sebadoh, and a lot of their songs are digs at J (if you didn't already know) but after seeing them I think Lou is much cooler/better stage presence. Fair enough J can shred like a mother****er, but it gets old after a while...

I don't know many people who know of/like Sonic Youth, I absolutely love them, and think Lee and Thurstons guitar playing is amazing. I use some of their 'noise jam techniques' (drum stick as a slide/random tremelo fretting so you hit some notes but make a 'clang' sound with others) as basis for most of my guitar solos, it just has more energy in my opinion.