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Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

Had a fight and a cry yesterday. So I'm feeling good today, was apparently not feeling very good before
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I'm just wasting time for another month.


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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
I've been feeling fucking fantastic.

I'm kidding, I've been feeling a little down the last few days
Your flesh means more than you.
No profit...
For once no profit...

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That's what.


basically had 3 day long party for the 4th of July that I'm still recovering from but I'm going camping for 4 days starting Thursday so that should be great

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
Up and down. I've been feeling good because I'm leaving my job soon, but down due to worrying about what I'm going to do next. I'm also quite stressed from how busy work has been.

Thanks for asking.
"If God exists, there's no way he is French" - Andrea Pirlo

What's wrong if I may ask? I do hope you start feeling better. I've been alright, feeling a bit determined to get what needs to get done, done. Thanks for asking.
Bored. Work is tedious and I don't know anyone where I'm working, so I just spend my days doing pretty much nothing after work. I would normally go to the gym, but I injured my back, so that's also out of the window.

Forza Juve

'e voglia 'e mettere rum, chi nasce strunz' nun po' addiventà babbà
Well last night I ate so much I almost had to throw up.

But then I didn't.

The food was good.
Optimistic; going to start a college course in music in August and my new bass rig arrived today.

So yeah, pretty damn fine.
I think I'm ill. I'm so tired even though my body sleeps 10 hours a day/
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

Can't complain too much.

Work sucks, but that's nothing new. I'm going to Boston in less than a month, so that's fun. I recently had sex this girl I fancy a bit, so no complaints on that front. I drank a lot over the weekend, because AMERICA, and felt a bit shit. I can hear birds singing outside my window. That's nice.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
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What's wrong if I may ask? I do hope you start feeling better. I've been alright, feeling a bit determined to get what needs to get done, done. Thanks for asking.

Just the things that have been gathering up together for a few years...

Things currently seem to be doing fine actually, thanks for asking, having a bit of a struggle with financial issues but it's ok, I'll make it thru. What's bothering me the most is ideas that a few years ago I went wrong in terms of a few decisions. Not really my own complete fault. just wasn't lucky you know.

and now the awareness of things that i've lost is quite bugging me...

I think this is a chronic depression going back and forth.
Excited. Have this whole week off and i get to see Periphery Sunday night
Sail upon the open skies
Stressed out. Fed up. Homesick. Itching to get the Hell out of here.
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


I like my women how I like my guitars. Curvy and like it when I finger them.
Day 2 of 9 being home alone and I'm already bored. Can't go out for more than 4 hours because someone has to keep an eye on the dog. Older brother has done absolutely nothing to help so I don't count him as being here.
Like I'm suffocating.
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Only losers post their opinions on the internet.
Bored, unmotivated and pissy. I don't even know why.
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you're so intelligent
Pretty okay, despite the feeling I'm wasting time. What am I doing with my vacation?
"Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough not to quit." - George Carlin
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I'm just wasting time for another month.

This. Only it's a little more than a month.
Hot, bored, fatigued, nostalgic, semi enthusiastic with a hint of disparity, while clinging to the notion that the sun will rise with me.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
I've been pretty shit. This month I've been trying to save money; so not buying beer or bud, it's been really tough, especially without bud as it fuels my creative/optimistic side of life.
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You'll find whisky very different, but try it and you'll grow into it, soon you and whisky are one, but still two, lovers dancing across a frozen lake under moonlight, wrapped in honey and warmth.

Sums up whisky perfectly
An internet friend of mine died and I just found out yesterday so I'm pretty bummed. Been crying on and off for the last day. Not because I'll miss him, but because of what everyone (myself included) has been saying and reminiscing about memories and stuff like that.

If you're a video game person, you probably know what I'm talking about here, and if not,
Well now you know.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I'm too old for the Jim Morrison look now. When I was gigging I had a fine arse.
Pissed off, frustrated, general feeling of malaise.
My God, it's full of stars!
Well, let's see, I just picked up my bass after a week of not playing it and wouldn't you know? I'm still terrible.

I hate myself. And I say this same thing in every thread about feelings ever.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
when I spend my time striving to place the crown upon myself?
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