As the title says, please help me choose a guitar
Budget - $500-$700(I don't have the money now so I will need to save)

Genre - Classic Rock, Hard Rock, 80's Rock, Blues and a bit of Metal (think GnR, Slash, Clapton, Ozzy, AC/DC, Van Halen)

Neck - 22-24 fret
Brand - any brand will do
Shape - Any shape will do
Pickups - HH or HSH

Preferably new but willing to go used

Location - I travel (South East Asia)

Current Gear - Alden Strat w/Licensed Floyd Rose and Fender Mustang I

Also, value is more important than price. Thanks.
At that price range you can get some great guitars especially for the kind of music you play.
you can get a used Gibson Les Paul studio for around 600-700$ if you look around. Also if you cant find a Gibson check out the LTD 1000 series especially the ones with duncans.
Here's some suggestions:
ESP E-II Horizon FR
Gibson Flying V HET SET
ESP Eclipse II FM JB/Jazz
ESP M-II Deluxe EMG 81/SA
Marshall JCM2000 DSL/ JCM800 1960a cab
Mesa Mark V 25
fender mim strat hss, kicks ass for hard rock like gnu, ac/dc, ozzy ect. and the two single coils are great for clapton like stuff used they're a lot cheaper than your price range too
1) Gibson, Fender, Ibanez and other big name makers will probably have a higher resale value than other makers. This is great if you want to buy with an eye towards resale. This sucks if you're trying to buy used.

2) there are slightly smaller brands that can deliver similar or better quality for equivalent or better prices- G&L, Godin, Fret-King- and may be a MUCH better bargain if shopping used. I have seen these new in store in your price range:

http://www.fret-king.com/esprit5ta_spec.html *

3) given your region, I'd also look at the brands that are more locally situated. That would include Ibanez, of course, as well as Fernandes and other Japanese or Korean brands that sell virtually worldwide. But it also includes brands that have yet to go truly international, like Swing or Radix (out of Indonesia) that are getting good press. The Swing Exciter Gold has been on my radar for a while- I believe it's in your price range:

* I bought a similarly priced Fret-King in that price range online, including shipping from the UK to the USA, from Frets Guitar Centre. Even with shipping, it was under $700, since certain UK-specific taxes had to be subtracted from the price.

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id recomend staying away from court, maybe go with a higher end squire or epiphone, they're cheap and sound good IF you go for the higher end ones which can sometimes overlap the quality of a lower end fender or gibson, plus epiphones are built like tanks