Hey guys, I need some advice, my birthday is coming up and I need some equipment, I've been playing and writing for years and it's about time I record the stuff I come up with.

With a budget of around £200, I'd like some products that would work well to record vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, I am presuming a condenser mic would do the trick for acoustic and vocals, and as for electric guitar I think I would need some kind of interface/preamp, but having never done this I don't know which are good and this is where I need some help.

All is very appreciated, thanks very much

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Interfaces sticky

What would you recommend mate?
I would recommend you read the interfaces sticky. If you want more, maybe using the search function.
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With £200 you'll hardly get something good.

Check out the focusrite scarlett 2i2 and the shure sm57/58 if you are reeeally on a budget.
If you want to buy something really good instead, check out the mackie inyx blackjack and the sE Electronics sE2200a mkII
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Nope, don't get the 2i2, please don't.

Assuming you want to DI anything the 2i2 is useless due to it's lack of pad.

As the sticky says, the interface we'll always rec first is the Saffire 6 / Scarlett 2i4 (basically the same thing.)
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Thanks very very much guys i am going to look into them now an hopefully order