I've been looking into putting a set of Lollar pickups in my Telecaster. I'm stuck on either the Vintage Ts or a Vintage T in the neck and a Special T in the bridge. The Special seems appealing to me, what with the extra output and more midrange punch. I just fear it will kill the twang and I like to have that sometimes. Any suggestions?
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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Jason Lollar is downright obsessed with tone, and he clearly has a respect bordering on reverence for the sounds that made those classic guitars "classic" in the first place. I doubt he would make and sell a Telecaster pickup that was somehow "unrecognizable" as a Telecaster pickup. He is also said to be quite generous about sharing his knowledge with customers who have questions. I'd call Lollar and see what they can tell you.

Here is a soundclip of the Special T Telecaster-style pickup:


It certainly isn't meant to turn your Telecaster into a Heavy Metal weapon of mass destruction. Try it and I think you'll love it.

Good Luck!
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