Am I the only one who doesn't like these guys? Most of there music sounds the same to me. Am I alone in this?
I found these guys one day randomly scouring through Youtube videos. I liked it for what it was. It was interesting. Then all of a sudden they just blew up out of nowhere.

I still think that they're okay, but definitely not as good as everyone makes them out to be in my opinion.
You're definitely not alone, but I like them, simply because they have the capability of doing for others what they've already done for me - introducing people, who would otherwise stay clear of the genre, to folk music. Sure, they're not the folkiest of the folk - they're more than a little bit poppy - but it's there, and it's enough.

They're one of those bands that people love to hate, but without them there would be significantly more people unaware of awesome music.
Is it that important enough to you, that you have to bring it up on a message board to see if there's like minded individuals. To see if they don't like the band that you don't. Seems like a waste of time when all you have to do is not listen to them. For every successful band that you don't get why people like, there are the many that like them. I probably don't like some of the bands that you like, but I'm not going to ask you why you like them just because I don't.
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They're OK. People like to hear something new. Back in the nineties there was a ska revival. We are going through a folk revival.
Theres no getting away from the fact they're a great band, both on studio recordings and live (from what i've seen)

Folk bands doing win awards for no reason these days.

I do like to think of them as a stepping stone in an oblivious 12 year olds life, helping them discover great music made by great musicians instead of the garbage being fed to them through the media
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