I got this amp about 2 months ago to play with a band I recently joined. It's a great amp, especially for heavier tones, but I've decided that the AD30 is more suited to the style of music I play, so I need to let this go.

This is a super well-featured and great sounding amp. The tone is especially awesome for metal/doomy music, just super hairy and characterful distortion with amazing note definition even at most extreme settings.

Features include:

2 very differently voiced channels
On board attenuator to get total tube saturation at whisper quiet levels if need be
Tube driven spring reverb
Tube driven FX loop
Reproduces frequencies down to 30 hz, can be used as a bass amp
Attenuator, Reverb, and Channel are foot switchable

Asking $1500, which covers the amp, tubes, an orange footswitch, the original box and manual (for anyone who cares...), shipping and paypal. I will consider shipping internationally if a buyer is willing to cover the cost.

The amp is in great condition, although it did get a bit scuffed up when the previous owner shipped it to me. The tolex is fine, but there are some marks on the faceplate (see pix). I'll see if I can ship it a bit more safely to hopefully prevent more of the same.

Attached is a demo I recorded spur of the moment just to show everything working and demo the sound of hte amp. It's a bit darker than if you put a 57 up to the grill I think, since I had a condenser up a bit above the cab so I could also talk into it. It's also pretty quiet because I live in a small apartment with tetchy neighbors and roommates, but hopefully it helps assure the amp is in good shape and demonstrates its tone somewhat.

These retail new for $2350, so this is a great chance to get a top of the line amp at a huge discount.

Pictures and sound demo in links:

[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
Ok, dropbox links not allowed?

[forbidden link] c o n t ent.com/u/8335661/tv50%20demo.mp3
Weeeelll. You can also check this listing for the photos and sound demo:

[forbidden link]
umm search this amp on Atlanta Craigslist or Gearslutz for the images and sound demo, as apparently UG has no intention of letting me post those.