idk if this is in the wrong section or not but i was wondering how long will it take until my mim strat will develop wear marks on the fretboard. i play it at least an hour a day sometimes 4 or 5 maybe.
With the poly finish they use, likely never. Most necks you see that have heavy signs of age and use have necks with extremely thin finishes or none at all. Even then, you would have to play the shit out of it and have extremely poor maintenance habits to see any wear anytime soon.

Edit: You didn't mention it, but I'm assuming you have a maple neck with a maple fretboard?
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Ever seen the Andy Timmons sig with the maple board? it's got a worn pattern to it. I think worn maple fretboards look cool & wouldn't worry too much about it, just wipe it down every week if not daily with a cloth.
You can, of course, buff the finish off the neck with a ScotchBrite pad or some fine steel wool, but that can affect the feel of the neck, especially if you like the feel of a finished neck. If you decide to do so, go slow and don't use anything extremely coarse. Once the finish is gone, the neck will start absorbing your sweat and skin oil and will "age" like you see on EVH's guitars and old Strats, etc.
i want it to be natural wear and tear, i think it looks bad ass and adds a lot of character to it