Hey everybody,

I've been playing guitar for a few months with a Roland Micro Cube amp.
I am interested in getting myself a Boss RC-3 loop station, but I was wondering if i will be able to connect it with my amp.

Thanks in advance
Yes. You go guitar into input, and amp into output.
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However, as there's no effects loop on the Micro Cube, the effects provided by the cube will be applied to the signal after looped passages have been added.

This means that if you were expecting to play a distorted 0 on E and a 2 on A and get a harmony as they're seperately distorted, you'll get a power chord instead as they're added together clean THEN distorted.
It will only work well with clean settings. Looper in front of a distorted amp just doesn't work that well. It will sound really unclear. But that's not a problem if you are going to only use clean sound.
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hm, that does not come in handy..
Is it possible to solve that problem by somehow using a distortion pedal?
If your distortion is being done in a pedal before the looper, that should be fine, yeah. Might not sound as good as the Cube's distortion, depending upon how advanced it is. Things like chorus/flanger, as well. They should sound fine, but as they run after the looper you can't have uneffected and effected loops and they'll always be perfectly in sync which may make them sound like one guitar to a degree.
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