I'm going into the studio next week to record an acoustic album. I've always recorded with a full band but this is only going to be me recording. the songs I have written for it where originally written be played by a full band but things have changed. I want it to still sound agressive and have the impact of a full band record but on acoustic. the main thing that is worrying me is getting the percussion side of it right or overdoing it to overcompensate not have a band.

if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Find someone who knows how to play a Cajon or learn how to play one yourself. They're amazing for acoustic performances
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Find someone who knows how to play a Cajon or learn how to play one yourself. They're amazing for acoustic performances

+100 to a Cajon. They're the best. Little bit of shaker on top of that, and you're good to go.
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This may not help much, but to be honest the best tip would have been to figure this out before booking the studio.

Your time in the studio will cost money, therefore you want every minute of it to be productive. You don't want to spend most of your time experimenting with what you want to play.

The cajon could be a good idea though, as could an acoustic bass. You said you had an idea for how the songs would sound with a full band - assuming that full band meant drums, bass & 2 electric guitars, there's no reason you can't create something similar with an acoustic setup of cajon, acoustic bass & 2 acoustic guitars.
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you wouldnt even have to use an acoustic bass. and if we are talking about an acoustic fretted bass (like an electric) i wouldnt even bother. i would just go electric, unless i had someone playing an upright.

personally, i dont mind a full drum kit on acoustic songs. you have to play something a bit different to fit the right vibe, but on certain songs it can work. maybe use brushes instead of sticks and play in a laid back fashion. or use more acoustic instruments like the cajon or even bongos.
You may want to check this out -
If you happen to like this, you can then overdub something like it.

If you don't, up for the cajon idea.
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Yes, just substitute the electric guitars with acoustic ones. You can also experiment with other percussion like tambourine, shaker, doumbek etc. But the drums will do fine as long as you don't play them the same way you do for heavier music.