Poll: Epiphone 1984 explorer or ESP LTD Snakebyte
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Epiphone 1984 explorer
3 43%
ESP LTD Snakebyte
4 57%
Voters: 7.
Hi guys,
Basically im torn between the 1984 epi and hetfields snakebyte. Im a huge fan of metallica and narrowed it down to these two axes. The epi is £429 and the Ltd is £929, thats a hell of a price gap. The epi looks more appealing to me because of the classic shape, im not really digging the snakebyte body. I've played with 81/85 emg combo before and am pretty happy with it, the snakebyte comes with hetfields own "het set" 81/60 emg which give a much clearer tone, especially for metal. Clearly the hardware on the snakebyte is better but i dont want to pay that much for a guitar i dont like the look of, on the other hand it will probably cost roughly the same amount for me to upgrade the epi explorer hardware. I play metal, metallica and megadeth mostly. Ive never had guitar lessons and would by no means say i am an advanced guitarist, ive always thought its the player that makes the sound, regardless of the quality of guitar. I honestly dont know which one to go for.
Any thoughts?.
Well if you like the Epiphone more then just get that and get the pickups, it still won't cost as much as the ESP. Unless English prices are even more screwed than I remember.

Have you tried out the physical copies in a shop or something though?

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If you're willing to spend a grand on the Snakebyte you might be better off getting a MIJ lawsuit Explorer.
If you like the looks of the Epiphone but want the quality of the Snakebyte, why not just get a Gibson Explorer and put EMG's in it?
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