I'm trying REALLY hard to hunt down a recording studio for my school project. Most recording studios do a wide array of genre's because it's more lucrative that way, BUT... I know there's gotta be some studio that a bunch of metal heads record at! As long as there is like 10 metal bands that are famous I can choose it for my project. I'm talking about people like Death, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Killswitch, Trivium, Periphery, Lamb of God etc, etc...

Thanks for all your help in advance!
Are you researching the studio, or are you trying to book it?

If you're trying to find one to research for a project, then go on wikipedia and look up your favorite records by those bands (or look inside the cd liner notes if you have cds). Look up those studios and find their client lists. On wikipedia, you might find enough things linked together that it only takes you a few minutes to locate one popular studio.

Also, don't ask the internet to do your homework for you, you'll tick people off asking them to do your work
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not asking them to do my homework, finding the studio is only the beginning man. Its like 1% of the project. I'm doing a 50 page project on everything from clients to equipment to signal flow to whatever else. So don't worry about giving me a few good places to start.