I recently acquired a Jazzcaster (Jazzmaster Body w/Strat Neck) in a trade, and I wanted to tidy it up a bit. It needed a few bits and pieces done here and there so I thought I'd document what I do here.

Anyway, the guitar itself. The neck is beautiful, in perfect condition. Because the only bridge the guy had available was way too tall for the guitar, he shimmed the neck. I ordered a new hardtail strat bridge to replace it, and to get rid of the shim.

The paint was kinda beaten up because he didn't put a clearcoat on it. I like the general look of it but it needs touching up in a few places and since I have to fill the old bridge bushing holes I figured I may as well refinish the guitar to give the colour a bit more consistency. I might leave the clear off to get those worn edges but we'll see.

I'm not keeping the Vinyl Pickguard. I'm going to order some blank material and make a new one.

The pickups are a Dimarzio Airzone in the bridge, and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the neck, wired with a single volume and a three-way switch. I don't plan on changing the electronics at this point in time. Sometime I may get a regular Tele neck pickup (The Quarter Pounder is technically a bridge pup) but at the moment it sounds great.

Anyway, today was spent stripping the body down and sanding the finish to get a bit of a key across it. Since I'm repainting the same colour I'm not going all the way down to bare wood, just enough to get a key going so the paint will stick. Tomorrow I'll fill the holes and start painting. I'm filling the holes from the old bridge with a bit of dowel, rather than filling the entire hole with filler.

Here is the body fully stripped. It's a one-piece Alder body. The routing is somewhat suspect so I might touch up some of it with filler, otherwise it's not in too bad condition.

More pictures will come tomorrow or Friday.
Okay, got around to painting today. It went kinda badly, paint ran something chronic and it was a pain in the arse to tidy up. I left it for now, I'll sand back the runs and tidy it up later, otherwise it came up pretty good, the areas that were filled look fine and it generally looks a bit tidier.
Finally done painting after some horrendous weather over the last few days. Paint isn't the best but it'll do, a bit of orange peel here and there but I can live with it. I've only been able to pain outside and on Tuesday night there was a massive thunderstorm with a lot of high winds so that may have contributed to some of the imperfections in the paint from dust and sand.

Decided to add a couple of racing stripes, I think they look alright. Now to acquire the pickguard and put it all back together.