I was just wondering what the name of this guitar is? I don't know enough about Taylor guitars to identify which one it is

yep. 314ce. nice guitars. just need a tuner upgrade and they're fantastic ! i found a great place to get Taylors online. the one i have on order now is $650 less than anyone else that i talked to. online buying is tricky but if i don't like it(actually, this one's a BTO so it's mine no matter what), i can return it for a full refund from this place...including return shipping. he was $450 cheaper for my '13 616ce spring ltd. $2523. vs. everyone else' $2999.
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stepchildusmc - you talking about guitar rodeo, l.a. guitar sales or someone else?
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Gracewinds in Oregon. Hadn't gotten a reply from Ted. Talk to him once in a while. Super nice guy. Didn't meet him until after I ordered though. Sure he could've come close.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)