I've been playing with the Dunlap Hendrix Wah for about 5 years now, and it seems for the past 6 months its been real.. 'moody'. Sometimes it wants to sound REALLY good and other times it sounds like crap.

I'm starting to notice trends, like it will either sound really good or crap at low volume. Then it will always sound like crap, like its overloaded at high cranked volumes.

I'm playing on a 15w Blues Jr.

I had a session last weekend, blues jr wide open cranked and very hot, running a fuzz and compressor at the same time with amazing tone. Try and pop on the wah, and it sounds over loaded. So I turn off the two pedals and still try to run the wah and it just doesnt sound good.

Maybe its time for a new wah and mines worn out?

My chain is, guitar -> wah -> compressor -> fuzz -> loop -> amp

Ive had great tone success with the wah with this set up and nothing is new. I havent played it lately at low volume but I remember a month ago playing in a garage and it sounding good. Now I'm playing in a very large warehouse the size of a sams club.
i have the same basic set up and the same way, my chain is, guitar -> ds 1 -> fender super champ
i think im just gonna sell it or trade it cuase i hate how its all like "hey imma sound really freaking good right now when noboys here" then the next day ill be playing with a freind and its just like "oh you have a freeind here?? i wanna sound like shit now" hahhaha i hate this wah, just get a new one one
Any other ideas? Maybe I'll go buy a new wah and save the receipt and see what I think for a week or so.
Try putting the Wah after the fuzz and compressor. I've always ran my wah after any dirt or boost pedals.
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This might be a long shot, but maybe the pot wore out or a wire's gotten lose. My wah was acting up from time to time and all it took to fix it was to plug the wires a little more firmly into the socket.
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Clean the sockets first. Get a can of contact cleaner (Deoxit is a good one but any proper electrical contact cleaner will do - NOT WD40) and spray some liberally onto a plug and work it in and out of the jack several times. ie use the plug as an applicator.
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