So i recently dropped a guitar of mine, and it cracked the body right beside the neck. it was a Dean Dave Mustaine signature V junior model. ----> http://images.monstermarketplace.com/guitars-and-accessories/dean-dave-mustaine-vmntx-signature-v-electric-guitar-classic-black-700x284.jpg

the only thing that is bad on the guitar is that pesky crack, so my Dad and I had an Idea.

My dad is a Machinist, he builds parts out of solid blocks of steel, aluminum, titanium, etc, for the military. He said he could build a body for me out of aircraft aluminum and we could swap out all of the electronics and parts from the dean.

We essentially want to build on of these, with a little of our own touch:


So what do I need to know about building a body? Is it even possible to machine a body out of a solid block of metal? Any links to a website showing the steps would definetly be appreciated, as would any and all personal advice.
Yeah dude, this guy in my town has made a business doing just that. Look up Normandy guitars.

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It's possible and it'd probably be pretty cool. However I'd think that a solid metal bodied guitar would sound extremely bright.
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check out electrical guitar company guitars. they make a large portion (almost all) of their guitars out of aluminum. just make sure you wire it up correctly, and post pictures! I've been wanting to do a guitar out of aluminum or plexiglass for a long time...
People have been building guitars out of metal for a while. Resonators, anyone?
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