I'm looking to buy my first nice amp, I've done a little research but I don't know what to get. I'm still learning and experimenting with sounds. I currently play genres such as or similar to Alternative, Post-hardcore(early and late 90's style), Screamo(Early 00's and late 90's style), Indi Rock, Emo(Late and mid 90's style), and Grunge. Though I'm also experimenting with Surf Rock(idk if thats what its really called) so reverb friendly would be cool as well as Slug Metal so nice lows would be cool as well.

There maybe to much I'm asking for with some of this but the general sound would be nice. I've looked at an Egnater Tweaker 40, and a Marshall DSL40C(although someone told me that wasn't the best pick). I was also told to look into Mesa Boogie(which I am right now)

So what do you suggest. I want all tube, prefer combos but not completely out to half stacks, less then $1000 would be nice as well.
Have you tried the Egnater Rebel or the next size up (I forget what it's called, the Renegade I think)? It has a thicker tone than the Tweaker, better for the stuff you mentioned. It's also more tweakable than the Tweaker, ironically. (I'm really glad my amp isn't named Tweaker, lol, Rebel is cheesy enough but...). If I had $1000 for an amp I'd probably look for and old jcm 800 or 2000 that has the tone I like and is GG&A&C approved for maintenance and peripherals.
5150 III/JSX/XXX/Vypyr Tube 60.

They cover excellent ground.
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Used mesa mkiv combo. You can go the head route as well, but the cab should put you above buget.
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Used mesa mkiv combo. You can go the head route as well, but the cab should put you above buget.

+1. Now I may be biased here (since I have one ) but I love it. Great cleans, I personally like the R2 channel quite a bit (although there are a lot of mixed opinions on this one) and the Lead channel...well...just wonderful. 5150 III is a good bet too, every channel is great on those.
+1 to Mesa Mark IV
+1 to Peavey JSX or Ultra Plus

A Marshall DSL40C could work. It might not be worth it though, since you'd most likely want to replace speaker and tubes ASAP.
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