i dont know jack about snare drums or just drums for that matter, but in the trash i found a slingerland aluminum ribbed snare drum its in really good condition actually new heads and spring it will work fine, thing is will it sound any good is it worth it and what can i get for it?
Yes it could sound good...send it to me

For real though.. Post a pic of it and the badge.. How old?
Sorry it took so long forgot to look here yesterday

cant really make out the ser number but its 346473 i think its somewhere dated 73 then????

i need to clean it up still, but how much can i get for just the drum itself without the covers? (bolts, chain, rims included?) i was going to sell it off on this group "chicago instrument exchange"
A quick ebay search shows the 70's models from 200-269 complete drums. 60's an earlier seem to be the most desirable- judging by price alone...

I'd say the shell may go for 100-120 if your lucky.
well i still have the heads and everything they're just in bad shape
Most drummers would immediately put new heads on it anyways...

Emphasize the shell condition and chrome condition ..