Hi guys,

I recently purchased a Splawn Nitro head, and I got home and realised this is way to loud! then i found that it has an "adjustable +4db/-10db switch" which makes it less loud (which is great!) do all tube amps come with this and is there a name for it?

I am also considering purchasing a 6505+ combo but i am not sure if it has this feature?

Also, even though the volume is workable, would it be worthwhile getting a hot plate attenuator anyway to drive the tubes even more?

Cheers from Australia

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1. Yes the Nitro has to be cranked up a bit to sound best but there are several tricks you can do. Hold please.

2. The +4-10 is only for the effects loop 'drive' for line signal vs bumped. It has nothing to do with amps loudness.

3. 6505+ is def a great amp but please follow this if you need amp purchases help. Post #2

4. Attenuators have their place but hold your horses here. Hot plate would not be a good choice for me in your shoes.

Aussie FTW

I'm in the US but own a Splawn.
Thanks for your reply and thank you for clearing things up!

Why would it not be a good idea to get the hotplate?
and when are these 'tricks' going to be shared?

Cheers mate