I posted some number of months ago about looking for a guitar amp, and time has past, but now I'm ready to start looking...

I'm looking for a nice combo amp that I could practice and jam with, but would also be able to play some small shows. Something with good clean tone and that can produce some excellent distorted tones.

I'm willing to spend around three hundred dollars, more or less, but not much more.

I play Rock and Metal, anything from Weezer to Pantera to A7X down to System of a Down. I play a Strat and an active Schecter Damien Solo Elite. I have a Boss DS-1 (I understand that that's not the best, I plan to upgrade to a better pedal, but for now an a good amp). My current amp is just a small starter that came with the Strat. I'm an intermediate level guitarist, but am pretty persistent when it comes to getting something right.

Used or new isn't much of a difference to me at the moment, but I wouldn't really think of going much out of my way to find something, I'll probably be checking my local guitar center's inventory and ask for advice.

I live in Wichita, KS
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Whats your budget...

Where do you live.....

Read the sticky for information needed.
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Whats your budget...

Where do you live.....

Read the sticky for information needed.

Fixed it, but I already had the budget part down. I have a budget of $300, but if push comes to shove, I could draw out a bit more, but 300 is ideal
Used Vypyr Tube 60. Literally the best thing in your given budget.
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If you want jack of all trades, Roland cube 40xl is something you should consider(If you dont get a used vypyr 60).