Hey, I brought a new guitar recently. It is a Schecter Omen Extreme 6 (main important info is it has a 25.5" scale and string thru body with a TOM).

It should be arriving soon and I brought it as a guitar to keep detuned. I am planning on keeping it in drop B - drop C.

My question is what string gauges would be good for this tuning? I think the seller said it is currently strung with ernie ball skinny top heavy bottoms

Looking at the gauge of these strings, they wouldn't be thick enough. I've had my current guitar down at drop B before with ernie ball not even slinkys (0.56 - 0.11) Would they be good enough?

More information is needed: what scale length is the other guitar you use? What string gauges do you like in standard?
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I play in that tuning and that scale, and i've found that 52 and 54 are just shy of being the right tension for me so i've gone to d'addario exl148 12-60. Other options are 7 string sets with like a 58 on bottom and leaving off the top e. Now this is what works for me, and use it as a guide not a rule. Some testing will have to be done by you to find your perfect set.
I always found that Ernie Ball 12-56 were just right but I cant stand ernie ball strings! I do recommend changing the plain G string for the wound equivalent when tuning down to B though.

My current set up is;

Ibanez RGA121 25.5" Drop B - Daddario 12-54 (replacement wound .020)
Ibanez FR2620 25.5" Drop B - Daddario 12-60 (replacement wound .024)
Schecter C1 Hellraiser 25.5" Drop C - Ernie ball 12-56
Ibanez RGA121H Prestige
Ibanez FR2620 Prestige
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
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Well my current guitar has a scale length of 24.75" and I use 0.56s and have for quite a while so i'd say i'm used to fairly thick strings.

and thanks for the feedback, by the looks of it I may tune it to C and play in that with the current strings, then in time switch over to a set of EB not evens for drop B as I have a set kicking around.
I would use a heavier gauge. I use 10-52 for Drop C/D standard, but I would not tune any lower with them.
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I don't think you'd want the same strings for both drop C and drop B. I keep my guitar in drop B, but if I tune it up to drop C it's way too tight. When I have strings for drop C and I tune it to drop B they are too loose. I'd say pick one or the other.
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I use the not even slinkys for drop C/B on a Schecter C-1. I like them but I would recommend Grabbing a wound to replace the plain G as it just doesn't sound right to me.