My mom's friend just gave me a Tanara guitar. It is red and has 3 knobs (Well one fell off, but not the point) and needs to be repaired. I was wondering what model it was to see if it was worth the money to repair. Also I need help seeing if it is a good guitar or not. I'm a first year beginner and don't know much about guitars. Any info on this would be appreciated and I can try to give you as much as I know as well. Also it is missing the nut (Holds strings in place), a peg, and some of the stuff near the bridge that also holds the strings (Has screws and such). You can see the pictures on my profile (Since I'm having trouble uploading a clear image of it onto this forum.)
I've never heard of a tanara guitar before, and my guess is you won't find much information on them . You're missing 4 saddles at the bridge, a whammy bar, and the nut, it most likely will need a setup and new strings. At the luthier shop I work at we'd probably charge 50 or 60 bucks (20 for labor and thirty for parts).
I agree. These are not huge issues. As long as the pickups work, you should be fine. If you have access to an amplifier, plug it in. Touch the pickups with a screwdriver and see if you hear a click or a thump. A good quick check. I have a dirty old Sears strat from the 70's that plays like a dream now. Upgrading and fixing it was awesome. If you do it yourself, you will learn a little more about the instrument. Plenty of how to's on youtube.
lol idk, my friends mom just came out of nowhere with it. The pickups do work so everything should be okay from here on out. I just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it. Or if it should be worth it. Thanks for the replies.