I have a question about loop pedals. I'm, trying to find one that will allow me to record a clean chord progression and then when I want to solo over it and enhance the solo with distortion and other such pedals, it doesn't change or effect the sound of the original chord progression that is looping. I had this problem with the single BOSS pedal looper. When i'd hit the distortion pedal it would distort the chord progression. Any help, tips, suggestions etc?
Think about what you're asking, and how the pedal works. This is operator error, not a problem with the pedal.

The pedal just records whatever sound comes in, and then plays it back. If you put a distortion pedal after it, the distortion pedal will always distort that signal as long as it's on. There's no looper in the world that will send a signal that will somehow magically not be distorted by a pedal after it.

What you need to do is put the loop pedal after the distortion pedal. Play your loop, then turn the distortion pedal on and play your overdub. The distortion pedal will of course only distort the solo overdub signal at that point, and the signal from your looper will remain clean since there's no pedal processing it.
Roc8995, I tried exactly this, however when I switched the pedals on, it still distorted the looped playback.
Roc gave you the straight scoop. The Looper is the last in the chain. If you use the distortion in the amp, which is after the looper then you are going to experience the problem you describe.

How is the distortion pedal going to cause the looper rhythm to become distorted when turned on if The looper is after the distortion pedal? That makes no sense. You need to figure out what is wrong with your description of what you are doing.
Thanks fly135 and Roc8995. Will check this again. Can you recommend any descent pedals good quality and good value?
As the other guys said, put it last in the chain of you use a distortion pedal.
If you use the drive channel on the amp, put the looper in the effects loop. This puts the pedal between the pre amp (where your distortion comes from) and the power amp (where the "loudness comes from), so it records what the pre amp does (clean/distorted) and then you can change channel on the amp without affecting the sound of the loop you have recorded.

This setup worked for me with my blackstar amp and boss RC3. As you described, I could lay down a clean chord progression and then play over that with a distorted sound.

Hope this helps.
Will someone who uses one, recommend a tc electronic flashback x4 to this guy and give him a quick run down?

(so that I don't have to make a thread, lol, I'm literally inches from buying one)

TS a used Boss Rc20xl would work well for you if you're lucky enough to get one that works longer than a few months. I wasn't, and Roland's customer service is atrocious.
Does your amp have an FX loop? If so, it might work better if you put yours in there.
Nonetheless, a really simple to use looper is a TC Ditto Looper and it does a great job.
Just make sure the amp tone is as clean as possible and have the looper as the last pedal in your chain. Just use common sense. Looper only plays back what you have recorded. If there are pedals after the looper, of course they will affect how it sounds. There's no magic inside the looper. It doesn't know what pedals you have on or off. It just records the sound of anything you have before it.

If you have an Mp3 player and put effects in between the headphones and the player, of course the sound will be effected. Looper works the same way as Mp3 player. It only plays back what you have recorded. No magic inside.
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Thanks fly135 and Roc8995. Will check this again. Can you recommend any descent pedals good quality and good value?
Depends on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. The Boss you had should of been fine. Jamman loopers are nice, have lots of storage, and work well. A looper like the Ditto is great if you don't need storage. Many multifx today have loopers built in. The Zoom G3 has 40 secs of time and a rhythm machine synced to the looper. If you need multiple synced loops then you need to spend more. All loopers have infinite overdubs.
Thanks for all the feedback. Will investigate further. The TC Ditto looks great for live performances, but i'm looking for something with storage. Not looking for something with multi effects etc, just looping and some storage capability, simple to use and good quality. Any further suggestions?