Hey guys, I need help choosing a new amp, i currently have a Line 6 Spider IV 15w, i want a step up but i'm not gigging so really all i need is a good practice amp, my budget $350 Australian dollars, don't mind second hand, Cheers

P.S: I have been looking at a PEAVEY VYPYR 30 and Marshall MG30CFX, Opinions?
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neither of those are much better

I would get a decent basic used clean amp combo and add 1 or 2 pedals

The Vypyr has loads of sounds but most are lacking in true tone but you get what you pay for as its low cost. There are better older amps out there that start with a decent tone that you can build on.

The Vypyr you will spend ages faffing about what amp model and effect to tweek more so than playing the guitar
Do they have the older Marshall Valvestate amps in AU? I'd say look at one from the early 90s (one tube in the pre) with the Celestion speakers. They are about $180-$200 on Ebay now and sound fantastic.
Might want to look at Crate Palomino - great 30 and 50 watter AC30 knockoff that somehow managed to stay under the radar. With an overdrive in front you can do pretty much everything with it.
Vox has a small amp AC4 I think that might work for you, Laney has some small tube amps, Fender Blues Jr. might also be wroth looking at.
Agreed. Stay away from Marshalls MG series at all costs.
they're no better than the amp you have, they just go louder.

Try and stay away from amps with too many gimmicks, you get half the tone you pay for.

I'd recommend going down to your local guitar shop and telling the dude what music you're into, he'll point you in the right direction for your budget
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I just came across a vintage, 1988 USA made, Fender Studio 85 combo, which is kickass. Those 1980's Red knob solid state Fender amps are full of tone compared to their current product IMO. Also, any USA made Peavey Bandit or Studio Pro 112 is a good sounding amp as well.