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Yes, pit. What is your favourite game to kill time?

I like the "the last stand games" on newgrounds.
World of Tanks.

Unless you meant just flash games, in which case I don't really play any. I used to like Bubble Tanks Tower Defense.
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I can't think of any D:

snake on youtube?
It's over simplified, So what!

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> Implying I pay for them
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Team Fortress 2 is pretty fun.

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Yeaah only real free game I play is TF2 occasionally, I pay for membership on RuneScape so that doesn't count although there is a F2P option.
Happy Wheels.
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I make music sometimes.
SAS Zombie Assault 3.
Tomorrow will take us away
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League of Legends.
Used to play Runescape when I was younger. Dunno what it's like now.
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Badland is pretty cool/weird on the iphone.
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TF2. Even though I spend money on keys.

You should join us in the TF2 thread. We give out free keys and earbuds every week.

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The above is a lie.
I don't play it now but I put some serious time onto haxball, which is of course the greatest flash game of all time imho
candy crush

jk I hate it but I want to beat all the levels and I'm not even halfway there so I must continue. my own mother is 40 levels ahead of me and she started playing 3 months ago, while I have been playing since December.
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