Hi, just wandered why do I need 2 cable coming from my guitar and do I need the pedal if so please help me and tell me what I need to do to use the pad
You mean one of these right?

TLDR: One cable is the guitar signal, the other is the MIDI signal from the pad. You need something for the pad to control.

It is basically a MIDI controller that you bolt into your guitar. All it does is send MIDI commands, it doesn't make a sound itself. This means it needs connecting to some sort of MIDI device via a MIDI cable - this would be the second cable, the first being your regular guitar cable that carries the guitar signal.

As stated on that page, the pad can control absolutely any MIDI device so it may be that the device is something that is processing your guitar signal and the pad is sending commands that alter, say, delay time and feedback level in real time. But it could just as easily be sending pitch bend commands to a MIDI keyboard.

On the one hand, it's a very simple setup: just a MIDI controller built into the guitar. On the other, making it do something useful will require additional equipment and a certain amount of creativity.