I have up for sale two vintage 1969 Sunn tube amplifiers, one 100S and one Sentura II. They have both been recently fully serviced by a tech (including a recapping) and sound great. And LOUD. Holy hell are they loud. Both heads are at least an 8.5 out of 10 visually, they'd be a 9 except for rust on the chrome corner guards. The tolex has no tears or gouges or major damage. The silkscreened logos and labels are like new. The reverb works on both, the tremolo works on the 100S but isn't currently functioning on the Sentura, otherwise they are mechanically perfect. The cabinet that comes withe the 100S has some stains and a couple of minor tears in the grillecloth (see photo).

The two amp heads are exactly the same in everything but the name as Sunn's naming convention was based on the cabs they were paired with. The 100S cabinet has a 1x15 and a horn. These amps were widely used by both guitar and bass players. However if you're a bassist I would recommend running a modern bass speaker cab.

I will sell the 100S head+cab for $1000, or the Sentura head (no cab) for $550.

I am located in Greenland NH (the town next to Portsmouth), about an hour from Boston or Portland. If necessary it is possible that I will deliver these for additional cost, depending on how far away you are. However you will need to pay a deposit in advance as I'm not driving all day to entertain tire-kickers.

I can't figure out how to post photos here but you can see them by going to the New Hampshire craigslist and searching on "Sunn"...