Heres the video:

Slash plays a G Chord at the end of a solo at 30:06. The chords sounds so much more distorted than the rest of his playing and he hits his guitar at the end of the chord.

Can anybody put their finger on how he managed to make the chord sound so distorted?

(I understand that this isn't really a technique related question but I think this sub-forum is most suited for the thread. Otherwise, please move the thread.)
I think it's just because it's an octave lower than before, and it's a chord, so there are multiple notes being hit at once.
Sounds like he stomped on a phaser.

Also, adjusting the volume on the guitar and controlling how hard you hit the strings can have a pretty dramatic effect on how distorted the guitar sounds.
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Sounds like he stomped on a phaser.

it really does
I'd go with a combination of chords sounding more distorted than single notes, being in a lower octave, strumming harder AND stepping on a phaser. It even looks like he steps on a phaser.
Twatting the strings a lot harder definitley makes a big difference through a cranked tube amp, plus you'd have even more of a contrest if you were strumming a little lighter than usual beforehand.
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