I am not sure if i put this under the right part of the forum but i am just going to ask it anyway. I used to have D'Addario 10-46 on my guitar and today put a pack of D'Addario 10-52s on it and would i have to adjust the truss rod considering i went to a higher gauge. I looked on a couple of forums and either did not see what the answer i was looking for or kept getting mixed reviews and I'm pretty sure you guys get this question a lot but i do like to take precautions so i don't screw it up considering that the guitar is pretty expensive.
It depends. Does the neck bow or anything with the new strings? If not, you need to do nothing. Do you have any fret buzz? If nothing has changed, don't do anything to it. If you are really scared of screwing something up, get it set up by a luthier or guitar tech. Shouldn't cost too much, and they can check the intonation and other things too.
I do not notice any buzzing frets but I'm not sure if the neck is bending more with the new strings.
So you got some light top/heavy bottoms?

I don't think a truss rod adjustment would be needed from the get go. You're not even a full size up. Only half your strings are thicker I'm correct.

Let them set in tune for a night then check your intonation and if the neck is bending.
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If it doesn't buzz and the intonation is fine, you're all good. Don't start tweaking things when you don't need to.

Over the course of 5 or so years, I went from 10's in E standard to 13's in B standard down to 11's in Eb without out adjusting anything but my action and tweaking the intonation a bit. It's not always necessary to touch the truss rod.
Thanks for the responses because I really don't want to start messing with screws and bolts and screw it up considering I payed 1.6k for my pride and joy.
I checked my guitar today and i noticed i tends to bend a bit more than normally should i just leave it alone and the guitar will be alright in the long run or should i adjust the rod
Playing and buzzing is all good but is healthy for the guitar to have the neck bending a little bit more than normal?
Use a string as a ruler. Press the string down at the first fret and at the last fret where the neck meets the body. And with your eyes look how big gap there is in the middle. There should be a thin gap between the string and the fret, bit smaller than a credit card.

Still, if your guitar has been properly set up for 10-46 and you just change to heavy bottoms the change in tension is so small that I doubt it would do a damn thing for the neck. Check again if you do some drastic changes, set of 11 heavy bottoms or thicker without tuning the guitar lower. Then the tension will skyrocket and there may be changes in the neck bow.

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Your neck shouldn't be noticeably changing because of that difference in gauge. Not saying it's impossible or anything, so everybody just calm down.

Maybe after you changed the gauge, you noticed the bow that was always there but didn't realize it?

Either way, there is nothing wrong with having the guitar a bit out of adjustment, other than the obvious playability issues. It will not hurt the guitar. If it bugs you, adjust it. Just realize nothing more than a quarter turn is all you will need on the truss adjustment and it doesn't happen instantly.