I am looking for your expert advice, as I am simply paralyzed by the choice available. My budget is from 500-600 dollars maximum. I can't go above that. I am looking for an electric guitar and a kind of do-it-all combo amp. Here are my requirements:


1) A humbucker in the bridge side.
2) The only guitars that I have ever owned are Ibanez. In particular I own a Indonesian made Ibanez GRG270B and the neck on it is super thin. I have played other Ibanez and guitars from other brands but I find the neck on GRG270B to be the most comfortably neck I have played on. I am looking for a similar style super thin neck.
3) Similarly the action on the GRG guitar is very very low and I am looking for similar low action setup.
4) I am looking for a fixed bridge guitar
5) Good quality frets so that they are durable and last a long long time
5) Ideally it would be better if it is already factory setup with 9s as this is the gauge that I prefer.
6) Other then that I don't mind any other design features or lack of them


1) Styles I play are blues, rock and metal. Amp I need could offer 4-6 basic sounds but good sounds which cover these styles well (for rhythm and lead).
2) I am not looking for a gazillion features, effects and amp models where all of them sound awful.
3) I have not played through a line 6 spider in person but I have seen a ton of reviews and demo videos and they sound god-awful to my ears, so please don't recommend the line 6 spiders, unless there is something that I have totally missed that you may be aware of.
4) The only effects I need are reverb , delay and chorus and the ability to use them together atleast reverb with the other two.
5) Lastly, a line in or aux in and a line out for recording would be a nice feature
6) The emphasis here is minimal sounds but good ones i.e quality over quantity
7) I have thought a little about the Marshall MGCFX range but I am not sure how good it sounds and if better options are available.

Can you please give me your honest and unbiased option based on your experience and expertise as to what guitar and amp I should go for. I understand the more money you spend the better stuff you can get but I am looking for something that gives the best possible quality within the budget that is available to me. Can you please give me two recommendations.

1) If budget is under 500
2) If budget is under 600

Thanks a lot!
My LTD EC330FM came with a incredibly low action, I'd say the 401 series would be in your budget, and while I personally prefer the ESP designed pickups to EMGs, you would get better features in the 401 eg. no bolt on neck, better tuners. You could also buy the 330 and the EMG Het Set and get those installed if tone means more to you.

As for the amp, when I was in your situation with that budget, I saved up and sent for the Line 6 DT25, and I don't regret it. The versatility and tone is perfect for me, and it's pretty easy to change from Blackface cleans to high-gain in an instant. Don't be put off by the make, its definitely something to check out. If you need an amp sooner though, check out Laney, they're pretty good for the price.
If you like your Ibanez and it's neck, you could consider getting another Ibanez which is better than GRG270B. I have GRG270B too, and the neck actually is very good. Did you have trouble with the bridge? I surely did.
Marshall MG series is not very good, there are a lot better amps for the same price.
Im not going into any technical detail but just check out the roland cube 50 and the arctic white fender stratocaster !!!!!! Seriously dude check them out !!!!!!!
Hey, have you considered the Ibanez RGR321EX or the RGA42, both are nearly the same price, around $450, and have fixed bridges and wizard necks. Quite versatile guitars imo, and action is also pretty low. You could also look into the 331ME if you don't mind it in yellow!

As for the amp, I'd recommend the Roland Cube 40XL. Sounds amazing, with decent effects and amp models for its price. Also features an 80-second looper, something you might want to consider.
Definitely better than a Line 6 Spider or the Marshall MGs imo.
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I would buy the Spider 4 100x over before I even touched a Marshall MG. With your budget in mind a Roland Cube or Peavey Vyper (30w+ models have more features) are easily the best two amps. The Vox Vt series are pretty decent but they really do struggle with higher gain.

As for the guitar your really best to go in and try one of everything. I would recommend Ibanez and Fender necks for your needs.

I don't have any experience with fixed bridge Ibanez guitars but I have an Ibanez RG870QMZ the wizard neck is by far the thinnest neck I've ever played on. All the floating trem Ibanez guitars I've played have really low action so it may be fairly standard on most Ibanez guitars.

Give everything in your price range a try tho, don't settle for something that's not bad when something great could be hanging right next to it. Remember just because it costs more it doesn't mean its better.