I never really remember my dreams.

There was this brunette girl. Gorgeous I think.
Tint of red in hair. Freckles colored her
face at the peak of indian summer.
She would spin around in this orange sun dress and whenever my eyes met hers
her lips would purse before they grinned a perfectly flawed grin.
I sat there. Smiling back at her.

The faster she spun the more her hair was strewn across
her face. The crisp leaves of autumn began to dance around her feet.
As they swirled higher more were pulled in below. Soon I could barely see her
flaws through the organic tower encompassing her.

In disbelief I peaked over my shoulder, curious if anyone else was
watching the wind woman's beautiful vortex.
No one.

My head snaps back as the leaves fell quickly and heavy like hundreds of fragile marbles shattering as they hit the floor. Where the wind woman spun a loud, violent crunch rang out and the leaves formed a small pile.

She was the kind of girl authors try to write in books but never quite do justice. She vanished. I was left with nothing but to wake.
Promises meant a lot back then.
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