So I was told that I could get a Mexican Telecaster if it's not a popular color for about $200, is that true and if so where could I get it? I know it's Mexican made but that seems a little too good to be true.

That's not what I said at all, read the proof. I said a MIM Stratocaster.

That said,


A few examples from my area, and these aren't even good deals for where I live. I routinely see MIM strats for close to $200. Telecasters cost more because more people want them. MIM strats are the ones you can get for $200, not teles.

Cruise craigslist and guitar center and you will find MIM fender guitars for $200. Too good to be true? Dude, just play them and see. They're cheap because the black and white ones are boring and they made and distributed scads of these guitars. Some players swear their particular MIM strats are on par with MiA models, others hate MIM strats. It just depends on whether you find a good one or not.
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Avoid craig's list . There are nothing but scam artists and thieves on there. If you want to get a Telecaster for the price which you mentioned , check out Guitar Center's website , www.GuitarCenter.com and click on their used gear section at the top of the page . From there, hit guitars and type in at the top, " Telecaster ". You'll find a wide array of models for sale at very reasonable prices . Personally , instead of going for a MIM Standard , I would see if I can get a Squier Classic Vibe series Telecaster instead. They blow away Fender's MIM Standards , trust me on this one. I'm 54 and have been playing for 40 years . I own one and it's one of the best sounding guitars in my collection.
^ I've successfully bought things on craigslist
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I don't think you're necessarily going to get a better-quality instrument used at Guitar Center than you would if you do Craigslist. Same for MiM versus Classic Vibe. I've heard many people claim their MiM Fender guitars were roughly equivalent in fit, finish and sound to MiA equivalents. I would be interested in anyone is making such a claim about the MiC Classic Vibes. I know they're good, but MiM should be pretty good too.