I've been gas-ing a delay pedal and need a new stage looper so Ive been eyeing up the TC Flashback x4? There's a used one locally for $130 and I've arranged to meet with the owner tommorrow. Anything I should know? It looks perfectly suited to kill two birds with one pedal for me. I'm not worried about the delays, it looks like it's got everything I would ever want. For the looper, my main concerns are reliability (I'm just getting out of a bad relationship with a Boss rc20xl and the Roland service dept), two switches for the looper function (def looks like it does but I've never actually tried one) and ease of use (loop>clear>loop quickly, without looking).

No need for other recommendations, it's the Flasback x4 or the money goes back into my PRS/G&L fund. My desire for birds on my fretboard is greater than my desire for a delay pedal and a new looper pedal seperate. But the Flashback x4 looks like it could be the last pedal I ever buy ( jk).

Any thoughts on the FBx4 or good jokes are welcome.
Should work great. I have the regular flashback and the delays sounds awesome (far better than any other delay pedal I've tried in the budget range). The only thing to keep in mind (don't know if it's different with the x4) is that it doesn't have the milliseconds posted around the dial, which is one feature I miss on my last delay pedal. It doesn't make it impossible to dial in an exact delay setting, but there's a little more guess and check involved. I don't really use the looper much, but it works well when I do play with it.

EDIT: Just remembered why I don't use the looper much on mine. I'm assuming the x4 allows you to keep your delay running while looping. That's the main drawback with the regular Flashback because I use it as a layer to my tone in combo with my reverb, so when I switch to a loop, I loose that added part of my tone, and it sounds a bit dull. I'd check online or with the guy if that's how the x4 works or if it allows you to loop while keeping the regular delay going.
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The Flashback x4 is an awesome pedal, however I wasn't a huge fan of the footswitches they put on them. They don't have any feedback like a traditional pedal, and one of the ones on mine went bad after about a month so I returned it and just got the x1. The delays on it are incredible, and the looper is very simple to use. I think you will be satisfied.
The only delays I've ever used are on my multifx at home so I don't know good delay from bad delay at this point but I will make sure the delay works with the looper, great point.

All I want from a looper is ease and it comes when I call it so good to hear(read) the words "very simple". That sucks one of the switches went out on you. Any exp with the service dept? I will never buy a Roland product again thanks to their service dept.
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I didn't deal with the service department, as I bought it used from Guitar Center and just returned it to them because I was inside the return window. I found that I didn't need all of the more advanced functionality that the X4 had, and ended up just getting the X1.

I would say definitely try the X4 first, as the X1 is always a good baby brother to downgrade to if you don't need all the bells and whistles.

Another delay I really enjoyed is the Boss DD-2/3, a legend in it's own right, and can be had for pretty cheap. It just doesn't do the modulated stuff that the TC stuff does.

Strymon makes amazing delays, like the El Capistan and the Timeline, but they are expensive.

Another pretty good mention is the MXR Carbon Copy, which is an analog delay.

Give them all a listen and (possibly) a demo. It all comes down to what you need vs. what you want.